Zebra Blinds

July 6, 2016

affordable blinds - zebraAside from providing complete control over the amount of sunlight that comes in through your home or office window, window coverings also provide an artistic touch to the overall interior design of a space. When you’re dealing with window treatments it isn’t only the functional aspect that you must think about, you should also think about how the design, shape, color or even fabric type complements the overall look. Coverings for windows are not made the same. There are some that are made of plastic and some of fabric. Some are translucent and some are opaque. You just have to use the one that looks best as well as functions superbly.

The Duality Solution

With zebra blinds, you don’t have to choose between dark and translucent vanes – you can get both. If you’re looking for new blinds, you should consider the advantage of having alternating dark and translucent vanes on a roller mechanism. When you want light to enter, you can keep the vanes in the default alternating configuration. If you want to fully utilize the darkening blinds ability of blocking out light, then you can configure the opaque vanes to line up thus providing a solid opaque shade.

You don’t have to settle with just black and white colored vanes though. By purchasing from us at Irvine Blinds & Shades, you’ll be able to select your dark and light vane colors. Try them out by ordering your free samples. Then, ask us about our satisfaction guarantee and 5 year warranty.