Natural Color Palettes for Window Shades

The colors of your home significantly dictate its ambience. If you’re going for a fresh, summer look, you’re going to have to use lighter colors for your walls, furniture and decors. These colors include beige, lighter shades of blue and green and even white. If you’re going for a more toned down feel for your home, then you should go with darker window shades. Everything should match the color palette you plan on going with. This includes most especially the blinds you’re going to put up since windows will always occupy a very significant portion of your rooms’ walls and hence, will always play a crucial role in your home’s overall look.

Earth Tones For Window Shutters

Using the palette of earth tones will create a living space that will feel very cozy and natural. It doesn’t matter if you’re going to decorate your living room, kitchen or bedroom. With these very natural looking colors, every room in your home will be very inviting. If you do decide to go with earth tones, you can play around with the colors of your window shutters. You can go with the classic browns and grays or you can go with greens. Just make sure not to choose the bright colors and you’ll be fine. Also remember that you can go either way with contrasts. For example, you can have roman shades that are dark brown and you can have walls that are in the beige to white or even green to blue range. You don’t have to stick with brown, just because you chose brown to cover your windows. This advice goes the same for the rest of the color palettes that are going to be mentioned.

Life is a Beach

Another very popular color palette is “beach”. To be sure, if you’re going for a beach look, your palette is going to be very similar with someone who may be going for a more “summer” look. Both palettes involve evoking feelings of happiness and adventure. These colors include whites for clouds, sky blues for the sky, light greens to medium greens for the leaves and grass, and yellows for the sun. Play around with the look of your room or living space by playing around with the color of your window coverings. Remember, your window cover is going to take up a big part of your room so you should try and experiment with its look in relation to your desired overall look.

Autumn and Sunset Shades

Autumn and sunset palettes are also very popular. This palette evokes a strong emotion of warmth, love or even nostalgia. These colors include reds, oranges and yellows. You can also throw in a few browns and greens into the mix for added contrast to your walls, decor and custom blinds.