July 19, 2016

Home & Office Window Blinds – Top Quality!

You have just found a great source of information about window shades and blinds. Our FAQ page gives you the answers to important questions and plenty of advice. Start reading and don’t miss to come back for more.

What are Roman shades?

Roman shades stack up evenly when opened, but are visibly smooth, not ribbed or bumpy, when they are closed. Irvine Blinds & Shades is proud to offer a wide variety of Roman shades!

What kinds of shades are best suited for double hung windows?

You should definitely consider roller shades. They are ideal for narrow windows while being very easy to operate. The Roman shades are a great classic option. In both cases, you can choose how much light to go through.

What are the advantages of vertical blinds?

These blinds are ideally for bigger windows and for doors too. They have high aesthetic appeal while being quite discreet. You can have a one-way draw design with the stack going to the side or a split-draw design which allows opening outwards from the center..

Which rooms do darkening blinds work best for?

Darkening blinds are the best choice for bedroom as they enable you to sleep in for as long as you want. They are practically mandatory for TV rooms and for rooms dedicated to playing video game.

Are pleated window shades prone to creasing?

You’ll be happy to know that the fabric won’t crease over time due to environmental factors. There is a risk of creasing only when you clean the window treatments, but this is the case with all other fabric shades. You should be extra gentle, especially when removing spots.

Do you have child-safe blinds?

Yes, we do. We take child safety seriously. We understand that regular blinds may alarm parents because there are cords or other materials that may be potentially harmful to their children. This is why we also carry special blinds for children’s rooms.